Why Would You Need a Smart Home System?

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Smart homes are all the rage throughout the United States—and not just because they’re a cool piece of technology. People report all sorts of savings and convenience because of a smart home system, most notably in their energy/water bills.

Smart thermostats, lighting and water system help generate savings of $400–$500 on your bills annually.

These devices reduce energy and water wastage, introduce a new level of comfort and convenience to your home and help you save money. While home automation is a little expensive, it’s sure to make up for it in the long run with the savings it generates.

What is a Smart Home System?

Smart Home Systems are collections of devices that are linked to control points in your house through the internet. It can include any number of electronics including washing machines, lighting, door locks, ceiling fans and showers.

Once integrated into a single system, you can control these appliances from virtually any place throughout the world.

With the ability to control these appliances across distances, a smart home system makes your life a lot more efficient. No more worrying about whether you turned off the lights when you left your house, or if you left an appliance on or if you forgot to lock your doors; you can just pull out your phone to check and turn them off.

The Advantages of a Smart Home System

There are more advantages of the smart home system than you would realize.  While it’s clear how they can help cut down your bills, some of the other notable—yet equally as important benefits—include:

Lower Insurance Premiums

It’s slowly dawning on insurance providers across the U.S. that smart home systems have the capability of reducing the risk each homeowner on their portfolio poses. These systems can detect overflowing water, alert the nearest authorities of any fires or break-ins and allow the homeowner to take greater care of their home.

As the risk of damage to the house lowers, insurance providers start offering discounts on your house insurance policies. These discounts aren’t common yet, but a growing number of insurance providers are offering these throughout the country.

risk of damage

Life-Threat Alerts

There’s a lot of room for customizability in smart home systems where you can program them to alert you of natural disasters or fires in your region. Considering how the system gives your appliances access to the internet, you can set an automated alerting protocol so that the system informs you of any potential threats to your life.

Serving as Security Systems

It’s also possible to program your smart home system as a security system. If it detects any intrusion in your home—either when you’re out or asleep at night—it will notify you and law enforcement authorities to contain the situation. With a smart home system, it’s unlikely that you will ever be caught by surprise.

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