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Lynnfield electricians

At Integrity Electrical Services, the best local electricians in Lynnfield are available for hire today. Our experienced electricians are nearby Lynnfield, WilmingtonAndoverWoburnReading, Middlesex County, Norfolk County, Essex County, and North Shore. We have multiple trucks working in the area and are available to serve your needs. 

Do you have an emergency? Local electricians in Lynnfield are available 24/7. Call us at 978-761-5978. 

What electrician charges the best prices in Lynnfield? 

A characteristic about Lynnfield is that home prices are among the most expensive in Massachusetts. 

Consequently, local electricians in Lynnfield are known to charge top dollar. 

Don’t worry. At Integrity Electrical Services, we won’t stereotype you as being wealthy and charge you top dollar. Instead, we’ll be fair and treat you like anyone else, doing our best to provide you with affordable electrical services. 

We strive to get five-star reviews out of every job we do. And results speak for themselves. Just search on Google for Integrity Electrical Services or electricians in Lynnfield, MA, and find our company listed on Yelp, Google, and HomeAdvisor all with Five-Star reviews from hundreds of happy clients.  

The Cost to Hire an Electrician in Lynnfield

Are you looking for the cheapest electrician in Lynnfield? Electricians at Integrity Electrical Services may not offer the lowest prices, but you can count on affordable pricing and high-quality electrical services. And even more important, our electricians are trustworthy. 

In addition, our Lynnfield electricians offer electrical work that includes a guarantee; it’s called “The Integrity Guarantee.” 

Usually, you can find low-priced electricians that provide low-quality work. Or pay top dollar for the best electricians in Lynnfield but be prepared to sit on a long waiting list. 

And then you also have Integrity Electrical Services; allowing you to get the best of all worlds. 

Whether you need a generator or EV charger installed, have questions about a circuit breaker or fuse box, or need an electrical panel upgrade, our Lynnfield electricians can help. 

Lynnfield Electrician Cost Calculator

Lynnfield Electrician Reviews 

The following ratings are based on reviews online about the electricians at Integrity Electrical Services.

Our Lynnfield Electricians Can Help You:

  • Install or Repair Light Fixtures 
  • Install or Repair Electrical Systems 
  • With Electrical House Wiring Repair or Installation Services 
  • Upgrade Your Electrical Panel (150-400 amp)
  • Install or Repair Ceiling Fans
  • With anything related to Circuit Breakers 
  • Buy and Install a Generac Generator 
  • Find an Electrician for New Construction and Remodeling Projects in Lynnfield 
  • Hire an electrician for emergency situations 
  • Repair Pool and Outdoor Electrical Issues 
  • Install Indoor/Outdoor Lighting 
  • Replace Knob and Tube Wiring or Answer Related Questions 
  • Get an Electrical Inspection
  • Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations And Much More!

EV Charger Installation in Lynnfield 

Need an EV charger installed in Lynnfield at a residential or commercial property? First, we will assess your property’s electrical capacity. 

We need to make sure your current electrical capacity can handle the EV charger. For example, if you have a standby generator and EV charger installed at your house, your property may require at least a 200-amp electrical panel. 

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Lynnfield

Lynnfield panel upgrades

Many properties in Lynnfield are upgrading to 400 amp panels. The owner of Integrity Electrical Services, Joe O’Connell, pointed out that, “In areas in MA, due to the push towards electric (including Lexington and Arlington MA) heat pumps are now required, which puts an end to fossil fuels. This is going to require a lot of homes to upgrade to 300 and 400 amp services.”

Electrical Panel Upgrade or Rewire a House? Get Your Free Guide!

Contact Joe O’Connell today for a consultation and discuss all of your options at (978) 753-8350. O’Connell is a licensed electrician and highly respected by the Lynnfield community.

Generator Installation Services in Lynnfield

Do you need a whole-house standby generator installed on a residential property in Lynnfield? We recommend you start by talking with a local generator installer to get a free estimate. 

The consultation will include you getting a full estimate for the cost to buy and install the generator. In addition, if you need an electrical panel upgrade as part of the job, we’ll give you the total cost of the job upfront with no hidden strings. 

Electrical Contractors in Lynnfield to Install Generators

Don’t just hire any local electrical contractor in Lynnfield to install your generator. When installing a generator in Lynnfield, laws and codes must be complied with to pass an inspection. You will need to pass an electrical inspection. 

Some steps could easily be missed or skipped by an unlicensed electrical contractor, which could end up costing you more money in the end. 

For example, we recently received a call from an Andover homeowner trying to sell their home. Unfortunately, the generator they had installed never passed an electrical inspection and was illegally installed. Because of this, the homeowner could not close on the sale of their home until the generator was uninstalled and reinstalled in compliance with Lynnfield regulations. 

An unlicensed electrical contractor installed the generator without getting a permit, skipping legally required steps that ended up costing the homeowner thousands of dollars more in the end. 

Our electricians cleaned up the mess, having to uninstall and reinstall the generator to be compliant with Lynnfield zoning bylaws, which by the way, doesn’t happen in one day. For example, it can take months for a generator installer in Lynnfield to complete the installation of a Generac generator. Many companies, like Generac, will take months to deliver your generator due to shortages. 

Lynnfield MA Electrical Inspectors

Integrity Electrical Services offers electrical inspections in Lynnfield. Call Or Text Our Office Today To Schedule An Appointment With A Master Electrician At 978-761-5978.

Business Hours: You can call 24/7.

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