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Searching for a licensed electrician in Reading, Massachusetts (MA)? There is no shortage of reputable and BBB accredited licensed electricians near Reading, MA. In fact, there are over twenty BBB accredited electricians nearby Reading, MA alone!

So the good news is, you have lots of electricians to choose from if you’re searching for an electrician. Reading is only 12 miles from the center of Boston, so often, electricians in Boston will service Reading. Local Reading electricians may give you a better deal though because they’re located in Reading, and as local electricians, they truly aim to serve the community.

Licensed electricians that are local to Reading, like the ones here at Integrity Electrical Services, realize that reputation carries you a long way. One bad job can cost you many more jobs in the future with word traveling fast in a town like Reading.  I mean consider that everything from the town’s award-winning schools, to its outstanding town services, is best of its kind. So when it comes to hiring a local electrician in Reading, expectations are high.

Every electrician nearby Reading, MA, realizes that they must work hard and perform at their bestto build a reputation that puts their company above the rest. Having said all that, finding the best electrician in Reading at the lowest price is probably your number one concern at this time. Well, you may want to consider a few more factors.

Reliability and Trust are factors you need to consider when searching for an electrician in Reading, MA.

  1. RELIABILITY: Reliability meaning, when you have an emergency, an electrician in Reading should be able to prioritize getting to your property fast and not for an outrageous price.
  2. TRUST: When an electrician evaluates the job, Trust is when you can count on your electrician giving you an honest evaluation and not looking to take advantage of you. Trust is when you can count on your electrician to be thorough in their work, not careless and sloppy because they’re in a rush to get it done fast.

At Integrity Electrical Services, we strive to be reliable and trustworthy for our Reading, MA clients. Everything we do starts with Integrity and ends with Integrity. The Integrity Experience is what we look to offer our residential clients in Reading. Electricians are available today to help you out at (978) 753-8350.

And please, if you have any feedback to share from your experience with our local electricians in Reading, email the owner of Integrity Electrical Services, Joe OConnell at Info@TheIntegrityExperience.com. We want to hear about your experience so that we can always work to make things better for our clients in Reading MA. 

5-Star Rated – Best Electricians – Reading, MA

Best Electricians in Reading

Integrity Electrical Services Offers the Best Electricians in Reading MA

For the last fourteen years, Integrity Electrical Services has been helping consumers in Reading, MA. Electricians at the company have performed at a high level, gaining many credentials since its inception date. Here are just a few:

  1. Integrity was Rated #1 on the Top 10 Electricians in Massachusetts List based on Consumer Reviews for 2021
  2. Residents nearby Reading submitted over 95 reviews to Google about our electricians, Resulting in us having a 5-star Rating on Google  
  3. Integrity Electrical Services is an A+ BBB Rated and Accredited Reading Company
  4. 5-Star Rating at HomeAdvisor based on 77 verified customer reviews
  5. Reading electricians at Integrity earned a 5-Star Rating at Yelp


The Cost for an Electrician in Reading, MA

Obviously, the cost for an electrician can vary depending on the job. However, you have to keep in mind that supplies need to be paid for, along with an hourly rate or flat fee for the electrician’s time.

Having said that, as a testament to how transparent Integrity Electrical Services strives to be, here’s an electrician cost calculator that gives you an estimate for each electrical service.

Knowing approximately how much it will cost for an electrician gives you a heads up before having an electrician visit your property and give you a quote. This can relieve the anxiety that consumers often feel when they need to call an electrician for a particular job, not knowing what the cost may be.

Give this Electrician Cost Calculator Tool a Try; it’s Free!

Click here to Check out our electrician blog.

24/7 Emergency Electricians Reading

If you have an electrical emergency in Reading, Integrity’s electricians are on call and prepared to assist you within 24 hours. We currently have four trucks with electricians nearby Reading on the road working 24/7. Emergencies come up, and we’re prepared to show up. Don’t overpay calling an electrician in Boston when you have local Reading electricians right here at Integrity Electrical Services that are top-rated.

If you have an emergency, electricians are available right now at (978) 753-8350.

If you have a large job, like considering getting an electrical panel upgrade or need an EV charger installed for your new Tesla, electricians at Integrity Electrical Services can help you plan for the project.

We’ll work with you each step of the way to figure out the most affordable way to getting the job done right. Our electricians are transparent from the get-go. In fact, we’ll even give you a free estimate from one of our Reading Electricians.

Do we have electricians outside Reading?

Maybe you know a friend in another location that needs a reputable electrician, so please feel free to refer us to others. Although we do cherish our clients in Reading, electricians are also available to help in nearby towns, including Woburn, Andover, Wilmington, and all throughout Middlesex County, Norfolk County, Essex County, North Shore, and everywhere in between.