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Best Lowel Local and Residential Electrical Contractors and Licensed Electricians

Do you need an electrician? Lowell MA residential electricians are available to assist you at (978) 753-8350. Integrity Electrical Services is Lowell’s #1 rated electrical company and was recently rated “Best Electrician in Massachusetts (MA)” by TrustedCompanyReviews.com.

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Best Rated Local Electrician in Lowell MA

Integrity Electrical Services maintains a near-perfect five-star rating on Google, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor. Check for yourself by Googling “Integrity Electrical Services Reviews,” or search for “Best Electrician Lowell MA” and find Integrity Electrical Services at the top!

Electricians in Lowell can help with: 

  • lighting fixtures
  • a circuit breaker
  • smart home installation
  • electrical panels
  • home inspections
  • smoke detectors
  • small or large projects
  • circuits wiring
  • star lighting
  • electrical panel upgrades
  • generator installation
  • emergency repairs
  • EV charger installation
  • and much more!

In addition, we can partner with you on just about any electrical projects you need help with, including new construction and home renovations. Free estimates are also available for anyone needing electrical repairs and most electric work in Lowell.

We will be on time, professional, and provide you with excellent service from our electrical contractors in Lowell. Experienced Lowell electricians can be at your property fast or schedule a convenient appointment for you. We make things easy for the community around us. 

Are you experiencing a power outage? Don’t worry, we can get over to your property within 24-hours. Lowell electricians are always on duty and ready to help. 

Do you notice a burned outlet? A Lowell electrician will prioritize getting over to your house and evaluating if the situation is severe enough to require an emergency electrical repair. 

Is smoking coming from an electrical panel? This can turn into a dangerous situation if it’s not addressed. There are many causes for smoke coming from an electric panel, for example, there could be a leak in the wires allowing water to come in from a storm that’s causing the problem. 

Are you planning a large construction project and need a local electrical technician nearby Lowell? Lowell is a popular town with lots of new construction. Our Lowell electricians will often partner on a new construction project to assist with electrical installation and wiring the home. 

Emergency Electrical Repairs in Lowell

Don’t let power outages disrupt your busy day at home or your business. And don’t risk an electrical hazard if you see a burned outlet or smell smoke. Lowell electricians are ready to help at (978) 753-8350! 

Fast & Reliable Electrical Repair, Inspection, Installation & Maintenance! 

The Cost To Hire A Fully Licensed And Insured Lowell MA Electrician?

The cost to hire an electrician in Lowell can vary, depending on the job and how long it takes. Prices for electrical parts are more expensive than ever before due to record-breaking inflation levels. For example, a service panel (i.e., a 200 Amp 30-Space 60-Circuit Indoor Main Breaker) will cost you around $159 to purchase today at Home Depot or Lowes. Generators, such as a 22kW Generac Home Backup Generator, can cost you over $5,000 to purchase as of 2022.

The price for electrical equipment is something that Integrity Electrical Services has no control over. However, we control the price that we charge for electrical work, including everything from lighting electric-related jobs to generator installers and ceiling fan repairs. We published a complete guide to help consumers get the best deal for generator installation services.

Get Estimate Of Cost To Hire Electrician Nearby Lowell With Free Electrician Cost Calculator Tool


Best Residential Electricians Lowell MA

TrustedCompanyReviews.com rated Integrity Electrical Services #1 Rated in Massachusetts (MA), above Sylvester Electric at #2, Modern Electric at #3, Castle Electric at #4, and Kuhlman Electrical Services at #5. Also, check out reviews online for Integrity Electrical Services in popular places like Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Google, and at the BBB.

Disclosure: At Integrity Electrical Services, we focus on residential, not commercial.

About the Owner:

The owner of Integrity Electrical Services, Joe Oconnell, has almost 30 years of experience as a master electrician. You’ll find Mr. Oconnell’s name mentioned in hundreds of online reviews from happy clients all across the internet. When choosing his staff and hiring contractors who apply for an electrician job, Mr. Oconnell doesn’t just hire anybody. Each contractor must pass strict training protocol, and their performance gets evaluated regularly. Every contractor must get licensed, insured, bonded, and have a positive reputation. Mr. Oconnell will check the electrical work before closing out a project to ensure the highest quality work.

Emergency Electrician Lowell MA

Who is the best emergency electrician near me? There are a few factors that you need to consider.

  1. The Cost: Emergency electrician repairs can be expensive. Unreputable contractors in Lowell will take advantage of the situation and mark up the price because they know you’re desperate.
  2. Quality of Work: The best electricians in Lowell provide the highest quality work. At Integrity Electrical Services, we will provide high-quality work at an affordable price.
  3. Local: The best electrical contractors in Lowell for emergency repairs are local. Local electricians have a reputation that they care about and take pride in serving the community. And not only that, but we’re close by, so we can get there fast if you have an emergency. 
  4. Honesty: You will get honest information from our Lowell electricians. We will give you an honest evaluation of your best route to resolving your emergency electrical repair and not take advantage of your hardship. 
  5. Speed: If it’s an emergency, it is crucial for us to get there fast. We can ensure you that an emergency electrical repair will occur within 24-hours. Lowell electricians are on call right now and ready to help. Call (978) 753-8350. We’ll get to your property fast and be on time.

Lowell Electrical Contractor License Number: 22643A