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Recommended Electricians: Melrose MA

Are you searching for a local electrician in Melrose? Electricians are a phone call away at Integrity Electrical Services. So get an experienced electrician over to your property fast. You can qualify for a free estimate if you reside in Melrose. Electricians from Integrity Electrical Services will give you an honest evaluation and provide you with the most affordable price and highest quality work. 

Integrity Electrical Services has a five-star rating based on hundreds of client reviews on yelp, Google, Angi’s List, and HomeAdvisor. 

Our company’s CEO, Joe Oconnell, has been a licensed electrician serving residential homes in Melrose, MA, for over a decade now. Oconnell is one of the most highly recommended electricians nearby Melrose. The company is based in Wilmington but serves all nearby locations, including Reading, Lexington, Woburn, and Andover.

What do most Melrose electricians charge? 

Melrose electricians charge $50 to $100 per hour, according to HomeAdvisor. However, Integrity Electrical Services can provide you with a flat-fee rate, hopefully saving you money without sacrificing high-quality work. Electricians charging an hourly rate tend to take longer to finish jobs and the price for electrical services costs more. 

Try our electrician cost calculator to get a free estimate of the cost of hiring an electrician in Melrose, MA. 

The following electrician cost calculator will give you an estimate of the cost for almost any electrical service. For example, you can get an idea of the cost of rewiring a house or upgrading an electrical panel for residential homes in Melrose.

source: Integrity Electrical Services, Electrician Cost Calculator 

What Electrical Services in Melrose Are Available? 

We can help you with electrical repairs, installing a generator, electric vehicle charger installation services, and much more. In addition, we can partner with you if you need an electrician in Melrose for remodeling, new construction, or any electrical service. 

Check out Melrose electrician reviews about Integrity Electrical Services on Facebook, Yelp and see our BBB A+ rating.

We can help you with: 

  • installing lighting fixtures 
  • troubleshooting any outlet problems, including Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)
  • installing an electric vehicle charger
  • installing a generator 
  • electrical panel upgrades (200-400 amp services) 
  • Melrose electrical inspections 
  • emergency electricians nearby Melrose 
  • anything related to ceiling fans, outlets, surge protection, smart home installation, and much more 

Melrose Electrical Inspection 

Integrity Electrical Services can provide you with the most affordable electrical inspection price. We can help you get an electrical inspection for any job, whether it’s for your new generator or an electrical panel upgrade job.

Melrose Emergency Electrician 

We have four trucks of experienced electricians on the road, ready to assist our residents of Melrose. In addition, a local electrician can be at your property within 24 hours or faster. 

Melrose Residential Electrician Near Me

Don’t pay extra to find an electrician nearby using some local service.

Instead, call an electrician at the top-rated electrical service company, Integrity Electrical Services.

Call us today for a free estimate. 

Electrical Panel Upgrade vs. Rewire a House for Melrose Residents 

Rewiring your entire house may be the first thing an unreputable Melrose contractor tells you to do because that’s an expensive job. 

But the truth is, you may not need to rewire your house. Upgrading your electrical panel to a 150 to 200 amp panel may fix your problem. Of course, it all depends on why you’re getting an electrical panel upgrade.

Check out this guide on electrical panel upgrades to learn more about the subject. 

Beware of unreputable electrical contractors in Melrose

The town of Melrose requires residential homes to pass an inspection after getting a generator or EV charger installed or electrical panel upgrades. So make sure to have a reputable electrician in Melrose assess the job before hiring them.

Ask questions about electrical code and the town’s rules. Make sure your electrician understands the legal requirements of the job before hiring them because the last thing you want, is to pay top dollar for an electrical contractor and then end up with a problem preventing your property from passing a home inspection. 

For example, did you know that many of the older homes in Melrose need to get an electrical panel upgrade before getting a generator or EV charger installed, or else they may not be able to pass a home inspection.

Don’t overpay or get overcharged when hiring an electrician in Melrose

Most people that think they need their entire house rewired are often pleasantly surprised to learn that’s not the case, and all they will need is an electrical panel upgrade. A fraudulent contractor may tell you that your entire house needs to be rewired, charge you an hourly rate and take weeks to finish the work. 

As of 2022 in Melrose, 300-400 amp panel upgrades may be required. So if you’re planning only to get a 150-200 amp panel upgrade, reconsider your options and talk to your electrician about possibly getting a 300-400 amp panel upgrade instead. 

 The owner of Integrity Electrical Services, Joe O’Connell, pointed out that:

“In areas in MA, due to the push towards electric (including Lexington and Arlington MA) heat pumps are now required, which puts an end to fossil fuels. This is going to require a lot of homes to upgrade to 300 and 400 amp services.”

At Integrity Electrical Services, we’ll take our time and assess the job and then give you a free estimate. You can count on the work getting done right.

Are you looking for a BBB accredited and A+ rated Melrose electrician? 

Hire a BBB A+ rated and accredited electrician in Melrose today! Call (978) 753-8350.