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Best Electricians in Medford, MA

Are you searching for an electrician in Medford? Electricians are available today at 978-761-5978 from Integrity Electrical Services (IES), home of the best electricians in Medford. Electricians from IES have been serving the Medford community for nearly a decade now. We also assist consumers in Wilmington, Andover, Woburn, Boston, and throughout most of Middlesex County.

If you go online and Google “Best Electricians in Medford,” you’ll see multiple review sites, including Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and TrustedCompanyReviews.com, that all list IES at the top. We take pride in providing our fellow neighbors in Medford with the absolute best electrical services at an affordable price. And we’re always transparent with people upfront about the cost.

Below, you’ll be able to try our electrician cost calculator and get an idea of the cost for each electrical service in Medford. Of course, prices vary, and as of 2022, some parts are more expensive than in the past due to inflation.

The Best 10 Electricians Near Medford, MA on Yelp

Medford Emergency Electricians (24/7)

Do you have an emergency? For example, you could have smoke coming from an outlet. Or even worse, a burning smell coming from an outlet or your electrical panel box. Sometimes, electrical problems can result in a fire. These are all considered emergencies that we will prioritize. 

Licensed electricians in Medford are a phone call away and available 24/7 to assist you with emergency electrical repairs. 

How to Contact an Electrician Nearby Medford?

You can speak with an electrician in Medford, Wilmington, or Boston at 978-761-5978 for a free consultation.

At IES, we guarantee you high-quality electrical services. Medford electricians will even provide you with the “Integrity Guarantee.” 

List of Electrical Services in Medford:

  • Medford Electrical Safety Inspection
  • Medford Electrical Repairs
  • Whole-Home Generator Installation
  • Medford Generator Installers
  • Home Generator Repair Consultation 
  • Medford Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Services. 
  • Medford Whole-Home Rewiring and Electrical Panel Upgrades (including 150, 200-400 amp)
  • Medford Ceiling Fan Services and Ceiling Fan Installation 
  • GFCI/AFCI Outlet Install
  • Medford Smoke & C.O. Detector Install 
  • Medford Electric Car Charging Station Install 
  • Free Electrical Installation Consultation 
  • Free Circuit Breaker & Panel Install Consultation
  • Whole-Home Surge Protector Installation
  • Medford Smart Home Automation

Medford Electrician Near Me

Do you live in Medford? Electricians nearby can be at your property fast! Call to schedule an appointment at 978-761-5978.

Our services range from electrical Rewiring, panel upgrades, generator installation services, electrical repairs, remodeling projects, and electrical inspection services.

Medford Electrical Inspections 

One of our licensed electricians in Medford will get the job done right and guarantee the work passes inspection. Medford electrical inspections are available through IES. We’re your one-stop-shop for all your electrical needs. Quick, easy, and stress-free! 

Steps to Hire an Electrician in Medford

  1. Call to schedule an appointment.
  2. An electrician will arrive on time for the scheduled appointment to analyze the job. 
  3. You will get a job estimate.
  4. Schedule for the work to be completed on another date. Or your Medford electrician may fix the issue on the spot.

The Cost to Hire an Electrician in Medford, MA

Using this electrician cost calculator, get an idea of how much it will cost to hire an electrician in Medford. Local electricians at IES don’t charge an hourly rate but rather a flat-fee rate that comes out to much less. Electrical contractors that charge an hourly rate tend to take longer to complete a job and charge more for the same service. 

So without further ado, give our electrician cost calculator a try! You may share our electrician cost calculator on your website and social media, but we ask that you credit this page with a backlink (as the source).

The cost for electrical services in Medford will vary, depending on what you need.

Compare quotes from multiple Medford electricians and electrical companies.

And don’t forget to check each company’s online reviews!

Medford Electrician Reviews – who’s best?

IES is 5-Star Rated on Google, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor. IES is also A+BBB rated and accredited. Electricians from IES were also ranked #1 on the list of the Top Ten Electricians in Massachusetts.

We currently have four trucks serving nearby Medford. IES electricians are trained, certified, licensed, insured, and bonded. 

Best-Rated Electricians in Medford, MA 

You can find other reputable electricians in Medford, including Mr. Sparky, Kuhlman Electrical Services, electricians from Home Depot or Lowes, and Harland Electric. This competition keeps us on our feet and working hard, striving to remain the best at what we do, putting “you the consumer” first! And we make sure to offer the best prices compared to other Medford electricians. 

IES takes pride in serving the Medford community with the best possible electrical services and consistently complies with laws and regulations. High-quality electrical work and affordability are at the forefront of what we offer.

Most Reliable Electricians and Electrical Services in Medford 

As a Medford locally-owned electrical company, we realize that we see clients daily, whether at the grocery store or out walking on the street. 

These are the people that we serve and want to please. In addition, a Medford electrician can arrive within 24-hours for electrical emergencies. 

Otherwise, we can schedule an appointment to assess the job when convenient for you.  

The Cost for Lighting Installation in Medford:

To expand more on the electrician cost calculator provided above, “The cost to Install a Ceiling Light Fixture can range from $161 – $443 per fixture.”

The cost to Install a Ceiling Fan in Medford:

“The cost to Install a Ceiling Fan can range from $518 – $864 per fan.”

The Cost for Electrical Panel Upgrades in Medford: 

The cost to rewire a house could cost $8,000 or more. But guess what, you may not need your entire home rewired!

It’s essential to only deal with a trustworthy electrical company in Medford to give you truthful information and avoid electrical contractors with lots of negative online reviews. 

In many cases, people think they need every room in their house rewired, but in truth, all they need is an electrical panel upgrade. On average, Medford residents will pay around $2,500 – $3,000 for an electrical panel upgrade. 

The Cost to Install an Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Medford:

“The average cost to install an electric vehicle charging station in Medford is between $1,000 and $2,500. However, most people pay closer to $1,200 for a 240-volt outlet, charger, and wall-mounted system.”

The Cost to Install a Generac Generator in Medford: 

On average, Medford residents pay between $1,413 and $7,643 to install a standby generator. However, the project can cost as little as $400 and as much as $9,500. 

To get an estimate for your project, call today at 978-761-5978.





Panel Upgrades in Medford (before and after picture)

Medford electrical panel upgrades

Rewire House and Electrical Panel Upgrades

Do you need to rewire your house or update the electrical panel to 150 or 200-amp? A recent blog post published inside our blog explains that Rewiring your entire home may be the first thing an unreputable Medford electrical contractor tells you to do because they’re trying to charge you top dollar. But the truth is, you may not need your entire house rewired. Upgrading your electrical panel to a 150, 200, 300, or 400 amp panel may fix your problem. In some cases, a complete house rewiring is necessary.

The owner of Integrity Electrical Services, Joe O’Connell, pointed out that “In areas in Massachusetts, due to the push towards electric (including Woburn, Lexington, and Arlington) heat pumps are now required, which puts an end to fossil fuels. This is going to require a lot of homes to upgrade to 300 and 400 amp services.”

“This is part of the Biden Administration’s massive infrastructure proposal to reshape the U.S. economy and build out clean energy infrastructure as part of a broader effort to curb climate change.”

” According to Mass.Gov, the “Pace & scale of retrofits: nearly 100,000 homes installing heat pumps or other renewable thermal systems each year for the next 25-30 years.”

Medford Generator Installers 

Rather than calling Home Depot and Lowest generator installers, IES can provide you with faster service, and we’ll try to beat their prices. In addition, IES can help you shop around for a generator, assess the entire job, including details about whether or not you’ll need an electrical panel upgrade, and install the generator.

We’re familiar with the laws and regulations in the town of Medford. An electrician will make sure to get all required permits and, after installing the generator, ensure it passes an inspection. Learn more about generator installation services by reading this free guide. 

Before hiring an electrician to install a generator in Medford, you should understand the basic steps involved.

Steps to install a generator in Medford MA

  1. You will need to contact the town hall office in Medford. Permits for installing a generator may be required. You can also visit the town’s office at 85 George P Hassett Dr # 115A, Medford, MA 02155. Electrical inspections in the future may require you to have this permit through Medford. 
  2. Build a flat concrete slab for the generator to sit on, using concrete and a level. A local handyperson in Medford can help with this part of the job as it’s one of the easiest steps to complete, but an important step. 
  3. Lock in the generator to the concrete platform using stainless-steel bolts so that nobody steals it. Crime is low in Medford, but thieves still look to steal these expensive items. And similarly, don’t leave the transfer switch outside until the electrician connects it to the generator. 
  4. Call a Medford licensed plumber to connect a natural gas line to the generator, or at IES; we can connect you to a reputable plumber. 
  5. Have a licensed electrician nearby Medford visit your property to check your electrical capacity. Many homes will need an electrical panel upgrade before installing a generator.

Contact a local electrician about installing your generator at 978-761-5978. We look forward to helping you!