Emergency Electrician Repair (Free Guide for 2022)

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Emergency electrician repair near me

Should I call an emergency electrician repair service near me? You may suspect an emergency electrical problem in your house, but you don’t know who to call or what to do. Maybe the power suddenly goes out, and lights are dim, some are not working, or you hear some buzzing sound coming from your basement inside the panel box. Unfortunately, you never went to electrician school, so you don’t have the expertise to diagnose the problem and do an emergency electrical repair yourself. 

The following emergency electrician guide will walk you through:

  • (1.) scenarios indicating when it’s genuinely an electrical emergency, and 
  • (2.) details about the cost of emergency electrical repairs

BONUS: And as a bonus, we’re providing you with a FREE “emergency electrician repair cost calculator” to give you an estimate of the cost of each emergency repair. The electrician cost calculator we’re sharing gives you the national average price for each electrical service. 

24-Hour Emergency Electricians 

24-hour emergency electricians can rescue you from dangerous situations related to electrical hazards. And sometimes, all you’ll need is a quick emergency repair to save you from a hazardous incident. 

For example, fire can result from electrical problems, such as an overloaded circuit. An emergency electrician will diagnose the problem and initiate an emergency repair in under 24-hours.  

So best case, an emergency electrician can intervene and diagnose the problem. Emergency electrical repairs can get in front of a dangerous electrical hazard before it results in a life-threatening situation. 

Who to Call for an Emergency Electrician Repair?

So you go online and Google the issue, and sure enough, here you landed. The good news is that this blog is owned by Integrity Electrical Services, the #1 rated Massachusetts electrical service company. So the information that we’re about to reveal about emergency electrician services and repairs is based on the opinions of licensed electricians. 

You’re contemplating, “Should I diagnose this electrical emergency problem on my own and see if I can fix it?” or should I start Googling “emergency electrician near me services”? 

On the one hand, the thought of the high cost of hiring an emergency electrician service is steering you away from that option, but on the other hand, you’re worried that a fire could burn your house down if the situation is not repaired. Therefore, emergency electrician services can be well worth the cost if there is an emergency.

Get Free Information From a Local Electrician

You could call a local electrician and explain your problem to them, and hopefully, they can provide you with some free advice to point you in the right direction. In addition, Massachusetts residents can get a free estimate from Integrity Electrical Services by calling  (978) 753-8350.

Our electricians serve everywhere from Boston to Wilmington, Middleton, and most locations in between. Call a local electrician nearby your city, but one with high ratings on Google, BBB, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor. These review sites offer legitimate customer reviews allowing you to quickly find a reputable emergency electrician, not chancing calling an unlicensed electrical contractor.

The Downside of Using Emergency Electrical Repair Services

The obvious downside is that whenever there’s “an emergency,” services will typically cost you more money. And that’s unfortunate because one person’s hardship should not be an opportunity for someone else. But that’s life. However, at Integrity Electrical Services, we have compassion for others and offer emergency electrician repairs at an affordable price. 

As human beings, we should all have a moral duty to help others when in need. 

How Integrity Electrical Services Handles Emergency Repairs: 

At Integrity Electrical Services, we prioritize an electrical emergency. As a result, electrical repairs for an emergency get urgent attention.

Our goal is to repair an electrical problem before it becomes dangerous, such as a burnt outlet resulting in electrocution. 

Or worse, if you had an unreputable electrician provide electrical services that are not compliant with Massachusetts electrical codes, errors like that often result in danger and fires. So, as a licensed and reputable electrician, we check everything, including looking for loose wires, faulty equipment, and sloppy electrical work that’s not compliant with code.

In many situations, the cause of a fire is from sloppy electrical work that a past contractor did.

Consequently, before you hire an electrician, make sure to check their online reviews because the last thing you want is to hire an unreputable electrician that may make things worse or overlook something causing future problems. Also, verify that an electrical contractor is licensed and bonded. 

24/7 Electrician Service 

At Integrity Electrical Services, we have electricians on duty 24/7. Electricians are here to answer your phone call right now and help you out today. 

Emergency Electric Repair Near Me Phone Number 

  • We can be at your property within 24 hours.
  • Emergency electricians will provide you with affordable prices. 
  • We won’t take advantage of your hardship situation. 

Call Now: 978-753-8350 – for qualified emergency electricians in Massachusetts (MA). If you don’t reside in MA, go to either Yelp or BBB and search for an A+ BBB-rated and accredited electrician. The BBB is a great starting point to find a top-rated electrician.

You can verify how long a company’s been in business and if they have unresolved customer complaints. Electricians with unresolved BBB customer complaints are probably poorly rated and should be avoided. Also, check the nature of the online reviews about a company to help you judge how legitimate the reviews are.  Don’t trust online reviews on the company’s website because these can be fake. 

What is Considered an Electrical Emergency?

You do not have to be 100% certain that it’s an emergency. If you’re not a licensed electrician, we don’t expect you to be able to diagnose an emergency. However, a licensed electrician can judge whether or not it’s an emergency. So, after calling a licensed electrical contractor and explaining your problem, hopefully, they will give you some information to point you in the right direction. They may tell you, “it’s not an emergency,” and schedule an appointment a few days out, saving you money by not charging you an extra emergency electrician fee to be there within 24-hours. 

Here Are Electrical Emergency Examples. 

  • An outlet that emits a burning odor 
  • Buzzing or humming sound coming from the breaker box
  • The circuit breaker continues to trip
  • Power outages
  • If you receive an electric shock 
  • A short circuit is a sign that something is wrong with your electrical wiring, and short circuits can turn into fire.
  • Burnt outlets
  • Fallen power lines
  • Flicking lights and dead outlets could indicate a severe problem
  • Warm or hot outlets 
  • Sparks when plugging in appliances 
  • Water damage in your panel box 

Why Do I Smell Burning, But Nothing is Burning?

Unidentified smells lingering throughout your house can be a sign of danger. Burning smells, for example, the smell of burning plastic or burning near your electrical outlets, could mean a severe electrical problem is lurking. Contact the fire department if you smell burning or notice sparking or charring near your outlets.

Does the smell appear and then disappear?

Is the scent so strong it’s setting off your smoke alarm? 

Check out this free guide: Why Is My Outlet Burnt? Learn What to Do About a Burned Electrical Outlet!

Pro tip: Smoke and CO detectors installed for more than ten years need to be replaced. You should also replace smoke and CO detectors if they’re firing off false alarms, bad alarms, and chirping.

My Fuse Box Is Making A Buzzing Or Humming Noise – Does This Require an Emergency Repair? 

In some cases, the regular electrical current running through your electrical panel, breaker, or fuse box – could create a buzzing or humming sound.

However, if the noise is related to loose wires (i.e., arcing), that’s a danger sign. The other dangerous situation is if a circuit is overloaded and the noise gets louder and louder; this is a clear sign of danger. Finally, warning signs can be if, before hearing this buzzing noise coming from your electrical outlet, you experienced outlets throughout the house not working. 

Contact Integrity Electrical Services, and we can provide you with a one-off emergency electrical repair to fix the loose wires and eliminate the problem from escalating.  

Outlets Keep Tripping. Is This a Sign of Danger? 

If outlets continue to trip repeatedly, this could be due to an electrical current leak. This type of problem can result in a dangerous situation and even fire. Contact a licensed electrician, and they will prioritize getting over to your location to analyze the situation and conduct an emergency electrical repair.

Of course, outlets can go bad, so if it’s only one or two outlets that continue to trip, perhaps they need to be replaced, but it’s worth calling an electrician over a situation like this to play it safe. 

Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, this could be due to an overloaded circuit. An electrician will investigate the situation and determine which circuit is overloaded, isolating the problem and fixing it. 

Flickering Lights Could Require an Emergency Electrical Repair 

Flickering lights could mean your lightbulbs need to get replaced. But again, this simple problem could be a more severe electrical hazard lurking. For example, we’ve seen cases at Integrity Electrical Services that started with flickering lights, but the root of the problem was an overloaded circuit or loose wires. But, again, emergency repairs can fix these issues before they turn into a fire.

What are common causes resulting in electrical shock? 

  • Two-prong outlets that have no ground wire
  • Loose screws or wiring on the box, wiring, or outlet/switch 
  • A damaged or frayed electrical cord
  • touching electrical devices with wet body parts

Smoke Coming from an Outlet is a Sign of Danger

Smoke from an outlet or burn marks on an outlet is a clear warning sign of danger. Your electrical system is experiencing an overload. Integrity Electrical Services explains, “It could be something simple; outlets can get overburdened with too many appliances plugged in at once, and that includes loading up power strips. 6-outlet power adapters won’t guarantee that you can safely plug in six devices and not have any power outage.”

Why Is My Outlet Burnt? Learn What to Do About a Burned Electrical Outlet! READ MORE.

Are you experiencing a power outage? 

If there is a storm in your area, it’s normal to lose power. First, check with your neighbors to see if anyone else lost their electricity. Then, check outside for fallen electrical wires. 

If it’s just you that lost power and you’re not seeing any fallen electrical wires outside your home, this could be due to various reasons that require a licensed electrician to diagnose and repair. On the other hand, if you have a generator installed and it’s not kicking in either, that’s more reason to call a local electrician.

How to Get a Good Deal on an Emergency Electrical Repair

First, don’t start Googling “emergency electrician”; instead – Google “local electrician.”

And second, don’t click on the top ads that say “ad” or “Google Guaranteed.” Instead, click on the organic listings below that.

Companies that pay for advertising on top of Google have to spend a lot of money on these advertisements. Consequently, they transfer their marketing cost to their electrical services and charge clients more money. Especially when it comes to advertising for the query “emergency electrician service near me 24-7” – electricians know that people searching for emergency electricians are desperate for help – and that’s right, you guessed it – they will charge you top dollar.

Water Inside Your Electrical Panel 

You may notice water inside your electrical panel after a heavy rainstorm because it leaked through a hole near your meter box cable. Unfortunately, this meter box cable is often how water gets into your electrical panel during a storm. 

This is one of the most dangerous situations because the outcome can be electrocution when water is mixed with electricity. Water can also corrode the inside of your electrical panel box. This type of situation requires an emergency repair. Experienced electricians know to prioritize a problem such as this. 

Do not go near the inside of your electrical panel box in this situation, and immediately contact an electrician. Let the electrician know that you need an emergency electrical repair. Get multiple quotes from various local electricians. A one-time emergency electrical repair could replace the circuit breaker panel and damaged meter box cable. 

Another cause of water getting into your electrical panel could be an improper seal on the box. Whatever the cause is, water inside your panel box can undoubtedly result in fire.

Did an electrical problem cause a fire? 

Call 911 immediately.

Let the fireman come and put the fire out.

They will also investigate the cause of the fire. After calling 911, also contact an electrician. Emergency repairs can be completed that same day through Integrity Electrical Services.

The Cost for Emergency Electricians 

An “emergency electrician services near me” type service can cost an arm and a leg more than a regular service call. 

It’s understandable for an emergency electrician repair service to charge an extra $50 to $150 more for prioritizing a person’s situation that has an emergency, but any more than that becomes unreasonable and unethical. Furthermore, if emergency repair services cost more, the company should be transparent upfront explaining that extra fee before coming to your property and agreeing to the job. 

At Integrity Electrical Services, we provide clients with more value than they pay us. We go above and beyond.



Emergency Electrician Repair (Cost Calculator)

What Makes Up the Cost of An Emergency Electrical Repair?

Multiple factors contribute to the cost of hiring an emergency electrician, including: 

  • The location of your home can cause the price to hire an emergency electrician to vary. First, consider the cost of gas, especially as of 2022.
  • Many electricians charge an hourly rate. So, the longer it takes to complete the emergency repair, the more it costs. Electricians that charge an hourly rate for emergency repairs tend to take longer to complete the job and charge more than what an electrician charging a flat-fee rate would charge. Consequently, look to hire an electrician that charges you a flat fee, as illustrated inside our electrician cost calculator tool. 
  • A licensed electrician will always cost more than an unlicensed handyman but don’t risk hiring an unlicensed electrical contractor for emergency electrical repairs. 
  • Depending on the parts your electrician will need to order can affect the cost. Emergency repairs could require parts to get delivered quickly, and if they don’t have the parts already, this can add to the price. Due to inflation, the cost of electrical components has increased significantly as of 2022, and when you need a part delivered fast, be prepared to pay extra. 

Should I try to do my own emergency electrical repairs? 

It’s not a DIY project for electrical emergencies resulting in fire. Licensed electricians know to use strict protocol when doing a job as enforced by the National Electrical Code (NEC). In addition, licensed electricians have experience handling electrical problems and understand how to diagnose and repair the issue.

Licensed electricians have the right tools to detect overloaded circuits and power outages. Plus, a company like Integrity Electrical Services strives to provide the highest quality electrical work and ensures it’s compliant with laws and town codes. Licensed electricians know that their work will often need to pass an electrical inspection.

Also, an electrician who cares about their reputation knows that clients give their electrician an online review these days. These reviews can ruin an electrician’s reputation or grow an electrical company’s reputation. So when contemplating, “Should I hire an electrician for an emergency electrical repair?” –  the answer is – “yes.” 

24-Hour Electrician Available for All Electrical Emergencies. Call Now: (978) 753-8350!