Signs That You Might Need to Get Your Home Rewired

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Home Rewired

Electrical circuitry supports a huge influx of current on a daily basis. While the equipment’s designed to withstand huge power loads, it can do so only for so long before breaking down.

Faulty wiring or persistent electrical malfunctions cause a lot of problems if you don’t get them fixed immediately. Sometimes, you’ll have to get your entire home rewired. Short circuits, tripping breakers and flickering lights are all examples of signs that you should get your home rewired as soon as possible.

According to FEMA, electrical problems caused 24,000 residential fires. Additionally, these fires accounted for the highest share of fire-related casualties (18%) and the highest share of economic damages from fires too (20%).

If you fail to identify faulty wiring early, you could have a full-blown crisis on your hands with all sorts of destructive consequences. With these considerations, everyone should have a basic understanding of the signs indicating faulty wiring and when they should get their home rewired.

1. Discolored Switches and Outlets

Sometimes, overheating wires can burn through the insulation and warm up switches/outlets. With consistently high temperatures, these outlets and switches burn up to leave black or brown marks on them. This is often an indication of overloaded circuits that can’t support the amount of current flowing through the wires.

Discolored electrical components indicate that electrical sparks are arcing through the wires and these might very well ignite wood or the insulation to cause full blown fires.

So, if you see burn marks around your outlets, get them checked out by the local electrician.

2. Burning Smells in the House

Even before you see black or brown spots around your outlets, you’ll very likely smell something burning in the house.

Burning wiring has a very particular, metallic smell that’s unmistakable. If you detect even the slightest hint of burning odor, you should flip the switches in your service panels to cut off the power and call your electrician immediately.


3. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights tell you that your appliances require more power than the circuit is capable of delivering. This is a common problem with old homes where the wiring can’t support the electrical needs of the modern American household.

Most older homes can support power levels of up to 60 amps that aren’t anywhere near the support levels of new homes which can go up to 200–300 amps. So when a family of four moves into old homes, the circuitry gives up on them to make the lights flicker. This is also another sign to call in your electrician and get them to examine your circuitry to make sure there’s nothing wrong.

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