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You should know that Massachusetts has some very strict rules regarding what sort of electrical jobs people can do without an electrician’s license. Considering the risks associated with unlicensed electrician work and noncompliance with regulations, people have to pay fines of as much as $1200. If you’re considering starting electrician work, you should bear in mind that it takes years of training and education before you can legally practice.

With the intensity of the fines and the penalties meted out for violating regulation, it’s better that you follow the rules and commit to the career rather than think of it as a one-time thing. For anyone interested, this blog will serve as a guide to how they can become qualified electricians.

Licensing Requirements in Massachusetts

The licensing requirements for each type of job differ throughout Massachusetts.  While everyone needs a basic electrician’s license to practice, you’ll need different licenses for installing security systems, telephones and so on. The classification is as follows:

  • Low Voltage/Limited Energy License—This is for people who want to work with security systems, fire alarms and telephone systems. This includes special subclasses:
    • Systems contractor class C licenses
    • Systems technicians D licenses
  • Electrician License—You’ll need to get this license to get all the other licenses.
  • Electrical Contractor License

You should remember that Class C licenses are issued only after you’ve gotten your technician’s license—which requires 300 hours of job experience. You’ll have to go through additional 75 hours of work training before you’re awarded a class D license.

Requirements for an Electrician’s License

Becoming a licensed electrician is a long and tedious road that only the most committed should take. You’ll get an idea of what we’re saying in a bit—the basic requirements are as follows:

  • Becoming a Journeyman Electrician—You need to be at least 18 years of age, have a high-school diploma and complete 600 hours of additional journeyman coursework.
  • Becoming a System’s Technician— You need a high-school graduation diploma and complete 300 hours of technician coursework.
  • Master Electrician License—Additional 150 hours of coursework after completing the coursework for journeyman/technician licensing.

These are just the educational requirements for these licenses—you also need to acquire work experience before you can get your license. The minimum experience requirements for these licenses include:

  • Journeyman—Four years of work with 8000 clocked hours as an apprentice.
  • Systems technician—2 years of work with 4000 hours clocked in.
  • Master Electrician— 1 year work as a journeyman electrician.

Combined with this workload, you’ll be awarded an electrician’s license to practice. It’s only when you have these requirements fulfilled that you can work as an electrician in Massachusetts.

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