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Top 3 Advantages of Installing a Smart Home System

We’re living in the golden age of advanced technology development; we’ve switched communication from corded phones to tiny devices in our pockets, capable of performing several simultaneous communication functions.

The next big step is to bring this “smart” technology into our homes.

The smart home landscape is led by a new generation of smart locks, smart speakers, connected light bulbs, and more. A study shows that the sales of smart home speakers alone amounted to $56.3 million in 2018.

What’s more is that, 50% of the U.S. households intend to purchase a smart home device within the next year.

What Is a Smart Home System?

A smart home system refers to a suite of devices or appliances that connect to a common network, and can be remotely controlled. For example, connecting your home’s lights, thermostats, TVS, locks, and security cameras to a common system, and controlling them through a smart phone.

Smart home automation gives you the ability to tap into high-tech luxury and functionalities that were previously unimaginable.

Let’s look at some benefits of turning “home sweet home” to a “home smart home”:

1. Maximizing Home Security

Take your home security to the next level by incorporating advanced surveillance and security features in your “connected home” network. Your smart automation system can connect automated door locks, motion detectors and surveillance cameras throughout your home, allowing you to monitor every inch of your home right from your smart phone. You can even choose to receive alerts on various devices when suspicious activity is detected.

Security systems can be armed and doors can be locked from your smart device whether you’re halfway around the globe or inside the house. These tools give you the opportunity to create a safe environment for your children and elderly parents, allowing you to keep a track of where they are at all times.

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2. Increased Energy Efficiency

Reduce your carbon footprint by making your home “greener” with a smart home system. Smart lights and smart thermostats can help you cut your energy costs by automatically switching off when there’s no one in a particular part of the home, so you don’t ever have to worry about wasting energy.

Plus, programmable thermostats can learn your temperature and schedule preferences and suggest energy efficient settings throughout the day. In fact, a study conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency reported that smart thermostats alone can save 10%-30% on energy bills.

3. Improved Appliance Functionality

A smart home system can help you run your appliances better. A smart oven assists you with your cooking by helping you cook meat to perfection—without having to worry about undercooking or overcooking it. A smart TV helps you locate better channels and apps, while an intelligent home theater system manages your music collection effortlessly. Moreover, a smart water leak device alerts you if there are unusual changes in moisture, allowing you to proactively avoid a major flooding situation.

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