Making Your Home Electricals Pet-Safe

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Blog, Home electricals

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Your electrical systems, outlets and appliances are some of the biggest safety hazards in your home, and this is an even bigger concern when you’re sharing your home with a furry companion. This can leave you on tenterhooks about small things such as leaving your phone plugged in overnight or making a quick run to the shops while your washing machine does a load.

What if Fido gets himself entangled in the cords, or decides to chew on a wire and ends up getting electrocuted?

Thankfully, there’s a number of safety measures you take to make your home electrical safer for your pets. Here are some of them.

Only Use High Quality Equipment

When it comes to buying extension cords, power cords, adapters, or anything else for your home electronics, never skimp on quality. Yes, we know that it can be annoying when you have to pay a premium for little things, such as a phone charging cord. However, high quality cords are much safer and much less likely to overheat or create sparks compared to cheaper ones.

Since such cords are usually exposed in the house, you don’t want your furry friends to be able to get near faulty ones that can cause injury. These days, you can even purchase cords that are coated with a bitter agent, which discourages animals from chewing them.

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Do Not Leave Electricals Unattended

Free-standing lights, heaters, lamps, and fans – these are all items that you can easily forget to switch off and unplug. However, when you leave the house with these items turned on, it creates potential hazards for your pet. If your pet runs around in the house, they can cause these items to fall over, which can potentially result in a fire.

Keeping Cords Away from Your Pets

Since power cords are unsightly, homeowners like to this anyway. However, tying up several cords and tucking them behind the television or under the carpets has another major benefit: it keeps the cords out of reach of your pets. This is one of the simplest and easiest things you can do to make your home safer for your pets.

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