How to Avoid Falling Prey to Electrical Problems during the Holiday Season

by | Dec 20, 2020 | Blog, Electrical Problems

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Christmas is almost upon us, which means it’s time to start preparing for the holiday decorations and festivities. According to data from the National Retail Federation and Big Research, Americans spend around $6 billion on Christmas decorations every year. As you all know, using Christmas lights to decorate your home is a major holiday tradition. All of us like our home to look festive and livelier. However, safety planning is crucial before you adorn your home’s interior and exterior with twinkling Christmas lights.

Data accumulated by the National Fire Protection Association reveals that, on average, holiday decorations cause over 800 residential fires, costing homeowners and insurance companies over $13 million. Nearly half of these accidents are caused by electrical failures and faults, with decorative lights being the main culprit in 20% of the instances.

So, to help you have a safe and happy Christmas, here are some tips on avoiding electrical hazards and problems in the holiday season.

Evenly Distribute Your Decorations

In an attempt to make their home stand out in the neighborhood, many homeowners set up lots of holiday lights and decorations in one area of their home. While they may be successful in creating the desired effect, it’s not a good idea to saturate one area with your decorative lights. It can overload electrical outlets, thereby increasing the chance of fire. It’s safer to spread a load of energy-thirsty lights evenly among multiple power outlets and circuits.

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Use Low-Wattage Light Source

While you may be tempted to reuse the strings of incandescent Christmas lights you have lying around from previous years, you should know that they might not be safe anymore. The insulation of old Christmas lights can get damaged while in storage and there’s an increased risk of fires and short-circuits if you use them. Consider getting low-wattage light sources such as LEDs.

Enlist the Help of a Professional Electrician

If you’re unsure of how to safely apply holiday decorations to your home, it’s best to get a reliable electrician to do it for you. Even if you plan to decorate your house yourself, it’s prudent to get a professional electrician to inspect your home’s wiring and power outlets, especially if you live in an old house or if you’ve already been having electrical problems.

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