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Ceiling Fan Installation

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Ceiling fans are an excellent addition to nearly any room in your home. If you want to install a new ceiling fan in your home, the electricians at Integrity Electrical are ready to help you. Our team consists of highly knowledgeable, skilled, and licensed electricians. We care about you, your home, and your safety. We help families across the country by using our knowledge to handle electrical projects that are dangerous to handle on their own. Our technicians carry thousands of parts in their Integrity Electrical vehicle so that they can handle most electrical projects in only one visit—saving you time and money.

Common Installation Questions

There are many factors to consider when trying to decide which ceiling fan to install in your home. For example, if you’re adding a new fan where one didn’t exist, our team will need to determine if a permit is required. Ceiling fans also need to be properly anchored to an electric ceiling box that’s designed to hold heavy fixtures, but you need to ensure that the fan isn’t too heavy for your electric box.

If you’re swapping a light fixture with a ceiling fan, the box might need a replacement for one rated for a ceiling fan. Our technicians will inspect your electric ceiling box to determine if it needs replacement or if it is compatible with the ceiling fan you want to install.

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