Electrical Panels


When to Consider an Upgrade

Older homes were not built to handle the electrical load our modern lives carry. Even a home built just 10 years ago may not be equipped to accommodate the multitude of electrical devices most people rely on every day.

Your home’s electrical panel circulates electricity throughout your home. Old and outdated panels could be a potential fire hazard. Having a licensed electrician inspect your electrical panel and breakers is always a wise decision. By replacing or repairing the electrical panel you can:

  • Add more outlets & circuits
  • Reduce overloaded breakers that often trip
  • Reduce overcrowded outlets
  • Provide power for larger appliances
  • Provide power for remodels or addition needs


Cost to Replace

The cost to replace an electrical panel is inexpensive in comparison the damage that can occur from a faulty breaker box. If your home’s electrical panel begins to show signs that it’s time to upgrade, such as tripping, strong odor, dimming or flickering lights, and rust or corrosion. If you notice any of these signs, an electrical panel replacement may be necessary, and you should act immediately. Call a local licensed electrician at Integrity Electrical Services today.


Circuit Breakers Repair & Install

The circuit breaker is an essential device in the modern world, and one of the most important safety mechanisms in your home. Whenever electrical wiring has too much current flowing through it, these machines cut the power until an electrician can fix the problem. If your breakers are tripping constantly in your home we can determine the problem, recommend the best solution, and fix it right away.


Our electrical expertise includes:

  • Main circuit breakers
  • Branch circuit breakers
  • Replacing circuit breakers
  • Adding circuits & breakers
  • Electrical panel upgrades & repairs
  • Fix problems that cause breakers to trip
  • 220 volt circuits

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