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Are you searching for an electrician in Boston, MA? Electricians are a phone-call-away at Integrity Electrical Services. Local and licensed electricians in Boston are ready to serve your needs today.

  • High-quality electrical services
  • And Affordable

Boston residents are also eligible for a free estimate on some electrical services. Speak to a Local and Licensed Boston Electrician Now at 978) 753-8350.

Why Use Integrity Electrical Services For an Electrician in Boston?

TrustedCompanyReviews.com rated Integrity Electrical Services “Top-Rated for Electricians in Boston Massachusetts,” above Sylvester Electric at #2, Modern Electric at #3, Castle Electric at #4, and Kuhlman Electric at #5.

So what makes Integrity Electrical Services the best, and how does this credential benefit you?

According to TrustedCompanyReviews.com, our licensed Boston electrical contractors:

(1) have the longest track record of success based on the ratio of positive to negative client reviews on the internet, 

(2) offer the best prices compared to other electricians in Boston, and 

(3) provide the highest quality work.

How does any of this benefit you? Your electrician will provide you with honest advice, fair pricing, and prompt services. You won’t have to wait weeks for an electrician. Boston residents will get a free estimate upfront, knowing what it will cost to hire an electrician in Boston before committing to the job.

What is The Price to Hire a Boston Electrician?

Integrity Electrical Services believes in being transparent. Therefore, we’re providing you with an electrician cost calculator tool. This tool will give you an estimate of each electrical service in Boston. 

Give it a try; it’s a free tool.

Reasons to Contact One of Our Boston Electricians: 

Perhaps, you need an electrician to upgrade an electrical panel, rewire your house or install a generator or electric vehicle (EV) charger station at your home. Boston homes are installing EV chargers and generators at a faster rate than we’ve ever seen before!

Rather than getting put on a month-long waiting list at Home Depot or Lowes for a generator installer, we can help install your generator within weeks. And similarly, an EV charger installation service in Boston can be completed within weeks through Integrity Electrical Services. 

Are You Experiencing Flickering Lights, Loss of Power, a Wiring Issue? 

You could be experiencing loss of power on an appliance, such as your dryer, stove, heating system, or thermostats for heating systems. 

Do you notice smoke coming from an outlet or a burning smell coming from an outlet? 

These are all reasons to call an electrician. Boston electrical contractors can be at your property within 24 hours. Emergency? Boston electricians at Integrity Electrical Services prioritize helping people with emergencies. So don’t stress, give us a call at (978) 753-8350. We’re not going to mark up the price and take advantage of your hardship situation either. Think of us as your friends; we’re a local business and here to serve our community. 

Boston Electrician Services 

We offer a full array of electrical services for residential homes only. Unfortunately, we do not provide electricians for commercial projects. Boston commercial electrical contractors are available at other reputable electrician companies in Boston, including Presidential Electric & HVAC of Boston and Kuhlman Electrical Services.

List of Electrical Services in Boston:

  • Electrical Safety Inspection
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Whole-Home Generator Installation
  • Home Generator Installation 
  • Home Generator Repair Consultation 
  • Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Services. We can install and repair lighting. 
  • Whole-Home Rewiring if needed, but we’ll try to save you from having to go this route! 
  • Ceiling Fan Services / Ceiling Fan Installation 
  • Anything related to Circuit Breakers & Panels 
  • GFCI/AFCI Outlet Install
  • Smoke & CO Detector Install 
  • Electric Car Charging Station Install 
  • Free Electrical Installation Consultation 
  • Free Circuit Breaker & Panel Install Consultation
  • Whole-Home Surge Protector Installation 

Boston Electricians That Offer “A Guarantee” 

    • We won’t overcharge you 
    • We will guarantee the best quality services 
    • Boston Electricians – licensed, bonded, and insured 
  • Work with reliable and trustworthy electricians 
  • Massachusetts Top 10 Electricians – Rated Integrity Electrical Services #1 Rated
  • Just Google our CEO, Joe O’Connell, and see what other Boston clients have to say! 

When it comes to electricians in Boston, check out the following Questions and Answers:

Who is The Best Boston Electrician?

Reviews online about electricians in Boston verify Integrity Electrical Services is the best. But, don’t take our word for it; check online reviews. Electrician reviews on Yelp, HomeAdvisor, BBB, and Google reveal the details. 

Here are recent online reviews about Boston electricians from Integrity Electrical Services. 

What Clients Say About Our Boston Electricians

EV Charger Installation in Boston

Need an EV charger installed for your new Tesla? We will first need to assess the job. But don’t worry, we will give you the most affordable price upfront and won’t try to low-ball the quote to get our foot in the door. We give it to you straight from the get-go. 

We need to ensure your current electrical capacity can handle the EV charger. For example, if you have a standby generator and EV charger at a residential property, you may need at least a 200-amp electrical panel. In addition, older homes in Boston often will need an electrical panel upgrade before getting an EV charger installed. 

The owner of Integrity Electrical Services, Joe O’Connell, pointed out that “In the Boston area, due to the push towards electric (including Lexington and Wilmington MA) heat pumps are now required, which puts an end to fossil fuels. This change means that many homes will need to upgrade to 300 and 400 amp services. We have seen an increase in these jobs over the last few years. “

Generator Installation Services in Boston:

If you need a whole-house standby generator installed, we can give you a free estimate today. The estimate can include the cost to buy and install the generator. In addition, if you need an electrical panel upgrade as part of the job, that cost will also be included in the quote. 

Don’t just hire a handyman to install your generator because there’s a lot of work involved that can end up costing you more in the end if skipped. For example, one person hired an unreputable electrical contractor in Boston who failed to get the generator’s permit.

A year later, the consumer ended up trying to sell their home, and the inspection didn’t pass because the consumer couldn’t produce the permit required in Boston to have the generator installed. This mistake ended up costing the consumer thousands of extra dollars in the end.

Learn more about getting a standby generator installed and the cost.

Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair in Boston

We can help with almost any type of ceiling fan installation or repair for residential homes in Boston, including: 

  • Low profile ceiling fan installations
  • Dual motor ceiling fan
  • Damp ceiling fans outdoors
  • Ceiling fan with light on top and bottom 
  • Anything ceiling fan related that requires an electrician, we can help!

Best Smoke & Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Installation Services in Boston

  • Smoke and CO detector install.

Why replace smoke and CO detectors?

Smoke and CO detectors installed for more than ten years need to be replaced. You should also replace smoke and CO detectors if they’re firing off false alarms, bad alarms, and chirping. 

Interconnect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

A Boston electrician will recommend installing both UL Listed CO alarms and smoke detectors to protect your family from both hazards. 

Why Does my Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Keep Beeping? 

It may need to get replaced. Integrity Electrical Services can assess the issue and install a new smoke and carbon monoxide detector if needed.

Our professional Boston electricians will be able to answer all of your questions.

In addition, we can talk with you about where to install each device and offer you a quote for the entire project right upfront. 

Reasons to Consider Getting an Electrical Inspection in Boston:

  • Smoke and CO detectors are not up to code and have not been replaced for over ten years.
  • Verify electrical equipment is operating safely and efficiently.
  • Check for fire and outdated electrical equipment.
  • Check for obsolete wiring, Spice points in junction boxes. 
  • Ensure all electrical wiring is up to code. 
  • You’ll need an electrical inspection in Boston if you plan to get a generator installed. 

When Can a Local Boston Electrician Come?

Emergency Boston electricians can be at your property today!

Is there smoke coming from an outlet?

Is there a burning smell coming from an outlet or your electrical panel?

Power went out, and the breaker won’t reset?

These are all potential reasons to call an electrician rather than playing Mr. Electrician on your own. 

How to schedule an appointment with a licensed electrician near Boston?

Scheduling an electrician appointment for Boston residents has never been easier. Call (978) 753-8350 and get your free estimate from a licensed electrician in Boston now!