A Guide on How to Baby Proof Electrical Outlets

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For first-time parents, babyproofing can be overwhelming. Electrical cords and outlets are the most critical parts to babyproof; the dangers posed by exposed electrical outlets are very real. National Fire Protection Association reported that nearly 2,400 children experienced severe shock caused by poking items into the vertical electrical receptacles (outlets). What’s even more worrying is that approximately 12 children die from injuries like these every year.

To help parents feel more safe and confident in their homes, we’ve compiled a guide on everything that you need to know about child proofing electrical outlets:

Baby Proofing Electrical Outlets

If you’re on a quest to effectively babyproof electrical outlets in your home, you first need to understand the type of outlets in your home in order to buy the correct outlet cover for them—making them inaccessible to your little one.

We use “A” and “B” electrical outlets in the United States. The “A” receptacles are two-pronged, and the “B” outlets have three prongs. An outlet cover or guard is used to protect your child from the dangers of these outlets.

Let’s look at some commonly used outlet covers:

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1. Plastic outlet covers

These covers are made up of durable plastic and have prongs which fit in the outlet. They prevent direct contact from fingers or objects.

However, keep in mind that your children may learn to pull out the plastic covers as they get older, in which case, covers pulled out halfway pose a shock hazard. Some parents use plastic outlet covers that require a key for removal.

2. Outlet boxes

Outlet boxes completely cover the outlet while providing enough room to plug in appliances. These boxes are often used to protect outdoor outlets, but they can also be used for baby proofing.

3. Self-closing outlet guards

Also referred to as sliding covers, these self-closing covers can easily replace your existing outlet covers—it’s always wise to hire a licensed electrician for these jobs.

Once the appliance plug is removed, the cover automatically slides over the holes, preventing your child from sticking their finger in the outlet.

Hire a licensed electrician today!

Remember, the key to ensuring electrical safety in your home is being well-informed about the potential hazards of electrical items around the home—and that’s where a professional electrician comes in!

An electrical inspection ensures that your electrical appliances don’t pose a threat to yourself and your children (and pets!) Our electricians are experts in home safety and guarantee a hazard-free home. Moreover, they provide 24 hour emergency electrical services!

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